Different Types Of Golf Clubs


Golf is not an easy sport to play. The sad part is, most people think that it is. As a matter of fact, proper swinging techniques and using the right gear in this type of sport is the key to come up with good performance. On the other hand, every player knows that golf clubs play an important role in the game when playing on Minnesota golf courses. Basically, golf clubs come in two types namely as irons and the woods. For more info about GolfCourseOnline.com, follow the link. In the next paragraphs, we would be discussing about these clubs and their functions.

Irons - these are often the type of golf club that is being used on fairways. Fairway is the location in a golf course that is in between the green and the tee in golf’s terminology. These days, the sizes of such iron clubs range from 3 iron to 9 iron. Choose the iron club with the lowest number if you want to make the ball travel at the farthest distance. For amateur golfers, their iron set should include a 3 iron, 5 iron, 7 iron and 9 iron. On the other hand, the even iron numbers are usually used by professional golfers. By practicing on golf courses in Minnesota you will be able to perfect using irons.

Woods - when taking a shot from tee or teeing off, this is the golf club that should be used. This will surely help you to hit the ball and give it distance and great velocity. Based from the name, this club is actually originated from wood materials. However, as time pass by; new materials were used to create such club. Oftentimes, the woods club in golf is being defined as being a large, flat surface with bulbous head. Follow the link for more info about GolfCourseOnline.com. There are basically 3 different types of wood clubs that are being used by most players. This actually includes the 1 wood, the 3 wood and the 5 wood. And similar to the iron clubs, if you want to make the ball travel with the longer distances when it is hit, go for the clubs with the lowest number. Many Minnesota golf courses will let you try out new clubs during your game.

Putters - a player’s golf bags would not be complete if putters are not in it. The putter club is being used in a completely different way than the other clubs said. It is actually swung differently. When the ball is on the greens that is the only time when it will be used. The purpose of putter is to hit the golf ball when it is on the green and needs to be shot to the hole. Putters come in many different shapes and sizes. So, when choosing a putter to use, go for the one that gives you a firm grip and is comfortable to swing and hold. Read more about GolfCourseOnline.com.